Sunday, October 11, 2009

I finally decided to start a blog because so many of the people already know I can be tight with a dime if I try. I have come to accept being called the coupon queen; but that just what folks see, what they DON’T see is the half hour I spend making a grocery list when its time for the “stock up” trip, the scouring I do on the internet to find what I am looking for at the lowest possible price (preferably with free shipping) or the time I spend looking for inexpensive or free things to do with my time locally. Surprisingly this is one of the “free” hobbies that fit’s the bill for me, it give me something to do, it doesn’t cost me a thing and hopefully you can get some useful information from it.

Thanks for checking it out!



  1. Finally! I know this will make it much easier for me to follow your suggestions. As it is now, I juggle emails from you, trying to remember which one said what.

  2. Very exciting! This is really perfect for you! I look forward to lots of economical reading.


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