Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday's media madness...

Our temperature here has dropped a lot and I am not hearing the neighbor kids playing outside.  It got me to thinking of something kids might like to do when its this cold.  I used to look forward to my Ranger Rick magazine coming in the mail every month, it made me feel like an adult to get mail.  That one magazine kept me occupied for at least a day with the articles and puzzles, plus I would cut out the animals and put them on my cork board because they were cute. 

I have put together a selection of children's magazines for you today that cover a range of ages.  This first one I have posted before but its a good one; a two year free subscription to Lego or Lego Jr. Magazine for kids, they will send the appropriate magazine depending on your child's age. 

Ranger Rick is a great publication that teaches kids about nature and the outdoors, it's geared towards kids in the 10 - 15 age range and is put out by one of my favorite organizations, The National Wildlife Federation. (They also put out publications for younger kids as well, Baby Animals and Your Big Backyard) You can get the subscription directly through them for $19.95 which would help support the many things they do, or you can find a lower subscription price through MagazineNook for $12.22. 

We all remember Highlights I think and now there is a new magazine from the company called High Five for kids ages 2 - 6.  I found that the lowest price is actually ordering direct through the company for $34.44.  I usually have good luck at but their price says it is 26% less than the regular subscription but their price is $34.95.  Not sure whats up with that and I will have to call the company when they are open on Monday to see if they price match at the very least, or if they will honor their promise of the 26% off.
If you have a young man in your life the he may enjoy Boys Life, its contents include articles on  scouting, sports, science, careers, health, games, collecting, music and moves etc.  The lowest price I was able to find for a one year subscription was through MagazineNook for $14.60.

I can't believe how many publications there are that are geared towards children and young adults now. When I was younger there were pretty much only four, Highlights, Ranger Rick, My Big Backyard and Seventeen. I found a great list of magazines for kids for you to look through to see if there is something of interest that I didn't get covered here.

I hope everyone has a nice relaxing Sunday!


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  1. I agree, there are so many more magazines for kids now. You forgot Tiger Beat. *lol*

    Great finds!

  2. Thanks for visiting me,
    love your blog.
    lovely post.

  3. OMG "Ranger Rick" is STILL around??? My brother used to be obsessed with it when he was little....he is going to be 50 this year!!

  4. Thanks for this list! I'm going to pass it along to my sister-in-law! Everything is for kids now! It's funny!


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